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Nurse Entrepreneur Training

Committed Excellence

Nurse Entrepreneur provides an enriched learning environment that has helped countless of nurses get ahead in their business practices. Founded by nurses who are experienced entrepreneurs, who know the struggles, and  the ups and downs of the fundamentals habits of starting  a business . Our branding and marketing course teaches you marketing skills for business success as you move from unemployed or employed nurse to self-employed nurse.

Starting your Nurse Care Business

The first thing you need to be mindful of when starting a nurse care business of whatever category, is to stay within your scope of practices. Your regulatory or licensing body usually have policies and guidelines on entrepreneurship. Be sure to review and include that in your plan.

At Nurse Entrepreneur (NE), we take you through different stages of Planning, registering, starting, branding and marketing your business. It is important to follow the guidelines taught in this lesson, to help you to become successful.

Day 1 Starting a Business

· Welcome and Introductions

· List of businesses for Nurses

· Key Points to starting a business

· Risk and rewards

· Before you start your business

· Choosing the right business

Module 1:

Writing the Business Plan

Module 2:

· Choosing type of Business Ownership

· Name Search

· Registering your business

Module 3

Opening business account

Day 2 Branding Marketing and Launching

Module 4

· Building your Brand

· Print Media

· Radio and Television

· Presentations and word of mouth

· Social Media

· Website

Module 5 Setting up online payments

Module 6 Record keeping

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